5 Outrageously Creative CVs That Got Them Hired

In the sea of talent, you want to stand out. And in the initial stages of your job applications, that means and impressive CV.

Templates, fancy formatting, and creative design ideas are readily available on the internet, so it seems like no matter how creative you get, someone’s probably done it before. So what do you do to beat the crowd?

Here are 5 ultra creative CVs that have caught the public – and employers’ – eyes:

1. Chocolate Bar CV

Australian Renata Chunderbalsingh decided to break into the business industry with a résumé presented as a chocolate bar. Relevant details like her skills and attributes were written as nutrition information. Her efforts have been reportedly successful, securing her interviews and offers.

Bribed or impressed? You decide.

2. Sewed Résumé

To show her passion for the needle and thread, designer Melissa Washin created resumes sewn and printed on various patterned fabrics. She crafted her CVs in college, when she anticipated having to secure a job upon graduation. The result was something eye-catching, tactile, and made with passion and love.

It worked, and got the first job that she really wanted. Effort pays off!

3. Google Maps CV

The rise of tech and tech savviness allows jobseekers to be creative, and Ed Hamilton – copywriter and creative director – took it to the next level with his Google Maps CV. The details are concentrated in the Google Maps pins, which also provide important locations such as his home address, university, plus previous jobs and experiences.

4. Amazon.com CV

In the age of online platforms for just about anything, Philippe Dubost, a French web product designer, went viral with his CV modeled after an Amazon.com product details page, populating it with his personal and professional information. He even included ‘reviews’, ‘product dimensions’, and ‘worldwide international shipping’.

He reportedly received 150 job offers and ultimately went to work with New York-based startup Birchbox.

5. Super Mario CV

Interactive CVs are the craze. Animator and designer Robbie Leonardi designed an eye-catching Super Mario-inspired online game to showcase his personal and professional details, as well as his creativity and technical skills!

His CV has won him several awards,

Granted, how crazy you can go with your CV depends heavily on your industry’s attitude and the overall work culture. Creative jobs welcome creative documents, but if you’re applying for something more austere like accounting, maybe things like ‘analytical’ and ‘attention to detail’ in regular bullet points might be more attractive to your prospective boss.

Regardless, these creative CV crafters certainly deserve some admiration and a pat on the back for being able to make a traditionally sober document into a memorable work of art.


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Source: http://www.officeparrots.com/single-post/2016/12/22/5-Outrageously-Creative-CVs-That-Got-Them-Hired