Finding a job is tough. Unemployment can be challenging and frustrating. At Radar we are dedicated to trying to find a job for everyone who is looking but with an unpredictable employment market and hundreds of qualifying applicants applying for the same vacancy this is no easy feat.

Your degrees and experience get you a viewing, but a live human being has to decide to hire you, and that is a personal decision based on a combination of factors that you can control.

This month Radar offers you winning tips on writing your resume/CV so that you stand out from the crowd topped up with some humour to uplift you as you navigate the unpredictable and tempestuous waters of unemployment.

Whether you are in a job and are looking for that next stage of your career development or not in active employment and need support on how to improve your chances of finding one, or venturing towards self employment, the information we have compiled offers valuable insight  into increasing your chances of landing the career you desire.